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Five Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodeling, like any other remodeling project, can be overwhelming. Where should you begin?

Follow these five kitchen remodeling tips we typically give our clients.

Know How You Use the Space

Knowing how you and your family functions in your kitchen will help you plan how much and what kind of storage you need and where to place each storage unit. If you’re straining to lift dishes into a wall cabinet, try drawers in a base cabinet instead. Here are a few other trends we’ve found among our clients:

  • Cooking utensils placed next to the range/stove
  • Pots and pans in drawers beneath the oven
  • Dishwasher and trash bin flanking the sink area
  • Bakeware and tools in island cabinets

new kitchen

Minimize Corners

Corners in a kitchen are awkward for a number of reasons: They’re difficult to work at and reach over to access wall cabinets, and they can be the kitchen “black hole”—what is placed in a dead corner cabinet is usually forgotten.

Straight countertop runs simplify storage access and functionality. If you do need a corner, Lazy Susan or Lazy Charlie cabinets make efficient use of space.

Consider Shallow Shelving

It’s easy to find something when you can see it. Shallow shelving limits multiple rows of cans, canisters, and dishes, reducing clutter while increasing visibility and efficiency.

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Use Drawers and Pull-Out Drawers

Many of our clients find it easier to lift dishes, pots, and other items in and out of drawers than over their heads. They also like how simple it is to find what they need with their pots and pans laid out neatly and clearly in front of their eyes. Drawers and pull-outs are a fantastic option.

Add a Few Accessories

Accessories like tray dividers, trash pull-outs, and silverware dividers define the space in cabinets, keeping tools and dishes organized. A word of caution: Adding too many accessories limits the flexibility of your kitchen.

By Katie MacGillivray

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