Whole Home Remodeling

Sometimes you love everything about the location, but your home needs everything redone. It’s an opportunity to make a home function in a manner that is just right for your lifestyle, and also a way to bring the home into the future. Homes need complete overhauls every 50 years or so if not being done along the way in smaller chunks.

At Meadowlark, we think of homes as a system of interrelated parts. Not only the equipment and systems in the house working behind the scenes in coordination, but also how you move through the home—the steps you’ll make and the views you’ll take in as you move through spaces. We are experts at designing projects phased over years, getting the infrastructure in place for a comfortable, healthy and efficient home. We rebuild the homes of the future, with the classic craftsmanship they deserve—piece by piece, or all at one time.

Home Remodeling that Delivers

There are few investments in home remodeling or home building that will pay you back over time and green building is one of them. A Meadowlark house is quieter, more comfortable, more healthy and durable over time. Can you afford NOT to build green?

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