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How Do I Modernize the Exterior of my House?

Exterior Makeovers We Love Chapter 3: A Manufactured Home Gets a BIG Boost in Curb Appeal

By Susan Christian

We LOVE to talk about our projects, but right now during the pandemic we are looking at most of them from the outside and so our exterior remodels are forefront in our minds. As I mentioned in a previous post, I do a lot of walking on the northwest side of Ann Arbor and I pass many of our projects on a regular basis. I have so many favorites, but one that I passed today reminded me of a great exterior transformation (and the great clients) that we did last year on a manufactured home.

A Blah and Boring Street View – Where’s The Curb Appeal?

Before Photo of Meadowlark Exterior Remodel

As you can see…it was pretty blah and not very far removed from the standard “double-wide” basic structure. In all fairness to the home…the side facing the street was actually not meant to be the front of the home. Due to a narrow lot, the home had to be turned 90 degrees to fit and thus the street facing side of the home was actually designed to be a side elevation. The garage portion was tacked onto the main home which also did nothing but add to the blah.

Photo of Meadowlark Home before an exterior remodel

Our Client’s Wishlist

Originally built in 1997, our clients purchased the home in 2011. As their family grew and the home “aged” –  our clients came to Meadowlark with a long list of wants and needs which included:

  • Update/replace worn and outdated finishes

  • Modernize and enlarge the kitchen space

  • Improve comfort and energy-efficiency

  • Replace rotted windows

  • Open up main areas for improved flow

  • Create a more organized and open entryway

  • Create more functional spaces for family and entertaining

  • Improve Curb Appeal

  • Add a 3-season porch

  • A contemporary modern aesthetic both inside and out

Simple Design Solutions – Dramatic Results

Working with our clients – our designers came up with solutions that checked all of the boxes on their list. However, the most striking transformation is that of the exterior. A relatively simple cedar portico structure added to the entrance provides shelter from the weather while also balancing the two major forms of the original manufactured home with the existing front deck. I can say loads more about this exterior remodel, but I will just let the photos say it for me.

Photo of Meadowlark Exterior Facelift Remodel Project



The interior renovation and addition are pretty fabulous as well. A size-appropriate addition of 177 FT2 completely transformed the interior of this home. See for yourself by checking out our client story – A Manufactured Makeover.

And just for a teaser…here is a photo of the new 3-season porch…what I wouldn’t give to be drinking a glass of wine there on a warm summer evening!


Thinking about boosting the curb appeal for your home…we’d love to start the conversation.

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