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Shawn Cook

    Production Assistant


    Meet Shawn, one of Meadowlark's production assistants. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI, Shawn loves this city and was a mechanic before joining our team.  He has a wife and three adult boys, and nothing gives him greater joy than spending quality time with his family. He's also a very devoted pet parent to their lovable dog named Marmaduke and two mischievous cats, Nibbler and Maybelline. Beware, though, because Shawn's dog is obsessed with pizza crusts. Leave a pizza box unattended, and it might vanish in seconds!

    His favorite adventure has been fishing the mighty salmon run in Luddington on the west side of the state. 

    If Shawn could have any superpowers, he'd choose the ability to eat cookies without gaining an ounce. That's a superpower most of us could get behind!

    If you ask Shawn to describe himself, he'd say, "Too much fun." And we couldn't agree more! 

    When Shawn was just five years old, he dreamt of becoming a cop.  In his downtime, Shawn's guilty pleasure is watching wrestling. His wife playfully jokes that it's his "soap opera." Don't worry, though - he won't challenge you to a wrestling match. He's more likely to challenge you to a friendly game of darts instead!

    You can always count on Shawn to bring positive energy wherever he goes and we're thrilled to have Shawn as an essential part of our team.

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