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Scott Crandall



    Since setting his sights on architecture at the ripe age of twelve years old, Scott has busied himself learning as much about the industry as he can. After obtaining both his B.S. and Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan, as well as working on projects ranging between institutional and commercial to residential (thanks to Meadowlark), he’s now well on his way to adding his name to the ranks of the creators who inspired him well over a decade ago.

    Joining Meadowlark at the end of 2020 was an easy decision for Scott. Being an Ann Arbor local, he already has a deep appreciation and motivation to improve the communities he’s grown in. With his attention to detail and diverse experience on projects, he strives to leave artifacts to embolden future generations of innovators.

    Beyond architecture and design, Scott harbors a love for drumming and a passion for cooking and baking (though his results are dubious at best).

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