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Sarah Peterson

    Encore + Warranty Coordinator

    Sarah Peterson Headshot

    Meet Sarah, our globetrotting guru! Growing up abroad, Sarah speaks Turkish and French fluently and has traveled to 26 countries. After graduating from Asbury University in Kentucky, she moved to Taiwan to teach English. From there, she moved to Arizona where she met and married her husband, Dane. They spent some time living in India and then in Chicago before settling in Ann Arbor with their three young boys.

    When Sarah isn't traveling, she enjoys sewing and planning a renovation. Her favorite food is tacos from Chela's, although anywhere with amazing sauces will do. She has a love for Boba tea, specifically honeydew or passionfruit flavored. Her favorite vacation ever taken was camping in Yosemite as a kid. She wishes she had the superpower to be able to speak any language fluently!

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