Passive House

Passive House certification is a very difficult goal to achieve in building homes. There is not a more rigorous standard for ultra-low energy consumption in the building industry. Living in a Passive House is a totally different experience as well. It is designed to use such low amounts of energy that passive energy from sunlight shining through the windows and summer breezes can provide heating and cooling. A passive home keeps an ideal indoor environment almost effortlessly, while the comfort and quietness inside are unmatched.

Given the extremely thick wall and roof sections, passive homes are complex to design and must be built very carefully in order to meet the standards of The Passive House Institute of the United States (PHIUS). In this program, results are measured and must be proven. Originating from Germany as the Passive Haus Institute in the 1990’s, PHIUS is the governing body for the US. Passive standards are now code-mandated for new buildings in Germany, and in California by 3030. There is no higher performance goal for a building than Passive House certification.

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