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Green Building Technologies

Green Building by Design

Green building, sustainable design, and passive homes. Those are all big buzzwords in today's home building landscape. And while it's important to keep up with the times, at Meadowlark Design+Build, we believe in more than building green because the market demands it.

Here, sustainable building practices and green building technologies are at the core of who we are and what we do. We believe that we have a duty to be conscientious, careful stewards of the earth. Adopting advanced green building technologies is a big part of how the Meadowlark team works to walk lighter on the earth.

As one of the nation's leading green home builders, we've obtained over 15 green building awards and certifications, and we've completed dozens of green custom homes and remodels.

If you're interested in how we build better futures through our green technologies, this page offers a comprehensive overview of the green building technologies we use in a number of our projects.

Let's Talk About Your Green Building Project!

Why Green Building Matters to Meadowlark

Green building is at the heart of everything Meadowlark does. In fact, it’s written right into our mission and values. We’re always striving to set the standard in innovative, sustainable building solutions — and our respect for people, buildings, and the environment is what motivates us to deliver excellence each and every day.

What does that mean for you? Well, if you're looking for a home that's truly sustainable — built to protect you and the environment around you for decades to come — we can make it happen.


Green Building Technologies Meadowlark Uses In Custom Homes & Remodels

On the journey to becoming a leading green home builder, the Meadowlark team has learned and adopted some of the most innovative green building technologies on the market today. We’re excited to provide homeowners with a comprehensive list of green building technologies, ranging from advanced building techniques to sustainable landscaping practices.

Advanced Building Techniques

In the green building industry, you often hear that the key to a healthy, energy-efficient home is a tight building envelope. Essentially, a building envelope is a combination of the foundation, wall, and roof assemblies that work together to thoroughly seal your home’s interior from external conditions. Through the use of computer modeling, the Meadowlark construction team is able to create and implement a variety of advanced building techniques that all work together to construct the tightest building envelopes possible.


A few of Meadowlark’s advanced building techniques include:


High Performance Heating & Cooling

An efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is one of the greatest long-term investments sure to pay you back over time. Since Meadowlark is always looking out for you and your home’s best interests, we only install top performing HVAC systems designed to deliver the very best in indoor air quality and energy efficiency. From computer-aided duct work design to highly-engineered geothermal heating and cooling options, these technologies are an essential component of a solid green build that keeps you healthy and comfortable.

Discover Meadowlark’s broad range of high performance heating and cooling technologies below:

Advanced Water Systems

Only about 1% of the world’s water is fresh and potable. In Michigan, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by 20% of that supply. It’s a resource that we cherish, and a resource that we cannot afford to lose. Water protection and conservation is more important than ever, but our current lifestyles cause us to waste it at an enormous rate.

This is why Meadowlark Design+Build is passionate about the implementation of advanced water systems in homes. The techniques below exist to create homes that use far less water, without compromising on performance — helping you save on your monthly utility bills, and helping the world maintain its most valuable resource.


Meadowlark is able to install a couple of sustainably advanced water systems, including:


Sustainable Landscaping

When many homeowners think of a “green home”, they think of green building technologies and systems installed interiorly — but what’s outside of your home can have just as large an impact on the “greenness” of it. Sustainable landscaping has become a common practice used to reduce impervious surfaces, redirect rainwater, introduce native plants, and provide sufficient habitats for wildlife.

Meadowlark’s experts are well-equipped to design a yard that enhances local ecology, and looks good doing it. Combining that with the other green building technologies in your home’s interior, we approach each build or remodel with a comprehensively sustainable mindset.

Our team is experienced in the following sustainable landscaping practices:

Learn More About Meadowlark’s Green Building Technologies

At Meadowlark, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners like you build a better future — for you and our planet. To start a conversation surrounding healthy, sustainable homes, we’ve made green building technologies and techniques a staple in our services. If you’d like to learn more about building or remodeling your own green home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re happy to help you transition your home towards greener, and more sustainable practices.