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Reimagined Refresh: A Warm and Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

The Vision


A cozy haven that’s bright, cheerful, and functional 

When this family came to Meadowlark Design+Build, they envisioned more than just a kitchen renovation. They imagined a cross between a refreshed space and a cozy retreat, seamlessly blending with the surrounding nature. 

While they knew this wasn’t their forever home, the owners planned to reside here for at least another decade. Therefore, their vision prioritized functionality and longevity, ensuring the space would adapt to their evolving needs over time. 

The kitchen's functionality was paramount with both homeowners working from home and the children needing a place to do homework. It needed to accommodate their work needs, provide a welcoming environment for entertaining, and become what a kitchen truly should be—the heart of the home. 

They cherished the home's existing bright atmosphere and wanted to preserve its essence while addressing the kitchen's outdated and deteriorating condition. Inspired by the style they playfully referred to as "Hawaiian mid-century," the couple aimed to infuse their home with contemporary flair and vibrant, unique finishes. 

This project was about more than just updating their kitchen; it was about crafting a space that reflected this family’s unique style and catered to their evolving needs. It was a vision of warmth, functionality, and lasting memories—a vision that Meadowlark Design+Build was eager to bring to life! 

Project Goals


A kitchen remodel to make the most out of the space, increase functionality, and improve style.

The Meadowlark Design+Build team met with the homeowners and outlined ambitious yet achievable project goals. These objectives would guide all our team’s decisions, ensuring the end result would align seamlessly with their desires and lifestyle.

Maximize Space Utilization and Functionality in the Kitchen:

  • Improve the flow between the kitchen and other areas of the home
  • Add more counter space
  • Create more usable storage areas

Incorporate Fun, Funky, and Unique Finishes Reflecting the Family's Style:

  • Shift the kitchen's current “traditional” style to a more modern aesthetic
  • Make the space relaxing and cozy, while keeping it bright and inviting
  • Add some cheerful pops of color to the kitchen 

Address Safety Concerns with the Staircase Design:

  • Build a custom metal screen for the stairs to keep the children safe

Install New Appliances & Incorporate Current Ones:

  • Keep the existing plumbing fixtures and appliances in the current location
  • Install a new range and oven
  • Relocate the existing refrigerator to a new location and add tall cabinets for more accessible storage

Keep the Space as Bright as Possible:

  • Keep current windows that were recently installed
  • Add new, additional windows to extend the view of the dining area and allow for more natural light to stream in while maintaining privacy from adjacent neighbors


Before the Kitchen Remodel

Project Challenges


While our team was excited to transform this kitchen, we knew it wouldn’t be without challenges. One significant hurdle was the kitchen's traditional style and outdated layout. It posed difficulties in achieving the modern, functional space the couple desired. Despite this, the Meadowlark team creatively approached the task, finding innovative solutions to transform the space. 

Accommodating the homeowner’s preference to retain the existing plumbing locations for the sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal also added complexity to the kitchen remodel. However, the team was eager to tackle this challenge and work within the existing framework while optimizing functionality and flow.

Our clients remained committed to their vision, trusting the Meadowlark Design+Build team to navigate the complexities of their kitchen renovation with skill and expertise. Together, we turned challenges into opportunities and ultimately achieved their dream of a modern, functional, stylish kitchen that perfectly suited their needs and lifestyle.


Product Selections

In any Meadowlark project, we exclusively choose the most trusted brands to ensure unparalleled quality and satisfaction for the homeowners.

For this project, our curated selection included:

  • Appliances: 
    • Monogram Black Oven
    • Monogram Stainless Steel Microwave 
    • Monogram Silver Cooktop
    • Zephyr White Hood & Vent
  • Countertops: 
    • Solid Surface Pure White Quartz Kitchen Counters and Island Counters
    • Lakeside Surfaces Caribou Wood Walnut Bar Counters
    • Richelieu Hardware in Aluminum and Champagne Bronze
    • Raised bar with a solid wood butcher block with a food-safe finish and waterfall edge
  • Plumbing Fixtures: 
    • Ferguson Undermount Single Basin Kitchen Sink
    • Ferguson Single Hole Pull Out Kitchen Faucet With Dual Spray Faucet
  • Backsplash: 
  • Windows: 
  • Cabinets: 

The Results

A new and improved kitchen layout that embodies the homeowner’s dream aesthetic 

We brought this family’s vision to life through meticulous planning and expert craftsmanship, delivering a kitchen transformation that exceeded expectations on every level.

The outdated kitchen has been reborn as a warm, contemporary retreat that perfectly captures the family's style and preferences. The vibrant turquoise statement backsplash is a striking focal point in the kitchen, embodying the family's love for their own "Hawaiian mid-century modern" style. Plus, adding new windows has provided much-needed ventilation and natural light. 

The reconfigured layout, which involved the removal of a wall between the kitchen and dining room, has vastly improved flow and connectivity between spaces, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere. By omitting an awkward drywall pantry and incorporating a new bank of custom cabinets, the kitchen now offers a new home for the refrigerator along with increased storage and counter space. 

Safety concerns regarding the staircase design were addressed with a decorative metal screen, ensuring the children's safety without compromising style. 

A highlight of the kitchen renovation is the addition of a raised bar seating area, which serves as a versatile space for dining, homework, and casual gatherings. This thoughtful addition enhances the kitchen's functionality while adding a touch of modern elegance to the space.

Now, this client can enjoy a bright, cheerful kitchen that meets their functional needs and serves as a cozy retreat for their family and occasional guests. The Meadowlark team’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail have transformed their vision into a reality, leaving them with a space they can call their own.

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