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Our Favorite Toilet Designs

Three Toilet and Accessory Recommendations – Meadowlark’s Personnel Potty Picks

By Melissa Kennedy

During this COVID crisis, I find myself at home enjoying the simple pleasures and really appreciating the improvements we have completed over the past few years to our home. Our most recent remodel included our bathroom and one of those simple pleasures is indeed the update to our porcelain throne. I love the simplicity of it, how easy it is to clean and the beautiful lines.

How can a toilet bring such joy you ask?

More details are below (and I even felt compelled to make a video about it), but I also realize that tastes vary, and what I love might not work for others. I have had the pleasure of working with many clients on their bathroom projects over the years. Conversations vary dramatically and can get pretty personal – especially when you start talking about toilets!

Unfortunately, we can’t pass on those client stories, but I did survey a couple of our Meadowlark Team to give you their favorite potty picks.

My Toilet Pick:

Kohler Persuade Curv Comfort

Photo of Kohler Pursuade Toilet

I greatly appreciate the way this toilet meets the floor – no crevasses and the simple curves make this a dream to clean. (Photo courtesy of US.Kohler.com)

Toilet Seat Cover:

Kohler Reveal Quiet Close

Lines can be distracting – this seat cover neatly hides the toilet seat, covering one less seam for a smooth cohesive addition to the Persuade toilet.

Rob’s Toilet Pick:

Aquia IV Toilet

Toto Aquia IV Toilet Photo

Elegant soft lines, compact, comfortable. (Photo courtesy of Totousa.com)

Rob’s Accessory Pick:

Toto Washlet

Technology that is incredibly helpful during this crisis — comfortable seat with clean lines and optimal function. Rob continues to be happy with his personal selection that he installed at his home during this toilet-paper crazed time!

Melanie’s Toilet Pick:

Duravit Darling with wall controls

Photo of wall mounted toilet with hidden tank

Designer Melanie Grabarkiewicz worked with her clients to select this beautifully simple toilet for a remodeling project that transformed their master bedroom suite. This toilet’s minimal profile aligned with the simple clean aesthetic look of the midcentury home. Because this toilet challenges all things conventional, Melanie picked this as her favorite!

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