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Virtual Design – When you can’t meet your clients face to face

Problem Solving – Virtually

Our physical office may be temporarily closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and innovative elsewhere.

In fact, here at Meadowlark, we would say it affords the opportunity to ramp up our creativity to find innovative ways to solve problems. And that is what we have always done.

Photo of a home that was designed while customer remotely

backyard patio

Technology has allowed us to work remotely with our clients for years. We have designed entire homes for clients living elsewhere. We have always been problem solvers through great design and quality construction. You can learn more about our design and construction process here

We are at home and now more than ever – we are experiencing the good and bad our homes have to offer. If the bad is becoming overwhelming, we’d love to help. Our design staff can help you come up with innovative solutions that will make your home function better for you and, of course, look amazing. 

Right now we can’t come into your house personally – but we can do it virtually. We’d love to talk about possibilities for your home. Let’s start a conversation.

By Susan Christian


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