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Staging 101: When Less Is More

Easy Tips for Home Staging

If you’re thinking about selling your home or preparing it for a tour or photography shoot, you’ll want to stage your home. But where do you start?

At Meadowlark, our mantra is “less is more.” Whether you need some quick updates or you are a self-proclaimed interior designer, follow these home staging ideas.

Show What the Space Can Do

People want to know their options. You can show the possibilities of your home by taking advantage of nooks and corners to create office space or a reading area.

reading and office space

Additionally, consider hanging floating shelves in areas that don’t have room for bookcases or traditional storage.

kitchen sink

Add Personality and Flair

Sticking to neutral colors is the traditional staging advice; however, including a pop of color, unique decorations, or custom furniture can add a whole new layer to the space. Flowers are an easy and impermanent way to brighten up a room, and don’t forget about lighting.


Keep It Light and Bright

By cleaning your home and replacing old or worn furniture and rugs, you can give viewers a better idea of the space’s potential. It may sound cheesy, but walk into each room and take note of how you are feeling. You want every person who walks into your home to feel the space is warm and inviting.

open living room

By Susan Christian

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