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Meadowlark’s Roots Were Planted In A Garage

In 2008, I was asked to meet the owner’s of Meadowlark at their office for an interview. I had heard about Meadowlark from a friend I met while attending architecture school at the University of Michigan. The situation seemed very normal until I was asked to meet them for the interview in a garage. It was highlighted by the fact that they ordered food from Jerusalem Garden to supplement our lunchtime interview. If you are familiar with Ann Arbor, you know that ordering from Jerusalem Garden automatically earns the person buying several “brownie” points.

The company owners had exciting goals. They had a desire and a passion for people and the built environment. They were the design/build team in town who was not only talking “green,” they were doing green. I had just become a LEED Accredited Professional and was anxious to put what I had learned into practice. Over the past 10 years, Meadowlark has continued to reach their goals and surpass them.

  • Meadowlark continues to create sustainable solutions and implement these into all of their building projects.
  • Meadowlark continues to push the envelope on sustainable design and track the energy findings to verify their solutions are working.
  • Meadowlark influences the community and educates homeowners, architects, and other builders in the area.
  • Meadowlark fosters a comfortable but challenging work environment.
  • Meadowlark’s employees all have a passion for what we do and the result is a beautifully-executed finished product and very happy homeowners.

For all of us employed at Meadowlark – work is fun, rewarding, and a continual learning and growing experience. I am thankful for the owners; Doug and Kirk, my peers, the outstanding field crew, and the sub contractors. All of these people together help to implement the lofty and exciting designs of our design department. And… most of all, I am thankful for our homeowners who understand the value of a professional and ethical design/build company, who are interested in leaving a greener footprint in the Ann Arbor and metro-Detroit community, and who won’t settle for anything less. Looking forward to the next 10 years. office in garage

And, by the way…we are no longer in a garage but in an even cooler space!  But that’s an entirely different blog post!

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