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Living Room Bathrooms: Not Your Typical John

While bathrooms are primarily functional, they can also be a retreat for the weary or an enticement for even the shyest of guests. By making a newly remodeled bathroom like another living space in your home, you can create an area that is full of warmth and excitement—a room that encourages you to check it out.

If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, consider these four strategies for making it more like a living space.

Show-Stopping Wall Decor

Using patterned wallpaper or tile can break up the typical monochromatic paint schemes. Graphic wallpaper or even patterned or three dimensional tile adds visual interest, warmth, color, and depth to the space.


Decorative Bathroom Light Features

Chandeliers or even decorative pendants are bringing eye-popping elements to the bathroom. Using light fixtures typically found in other living spaces aid in creating a connection from the bathroom to the rest of home.

Master bath with crystal chandelier

Furniture-Like Bathroom Vanities

Adding a furniture-like vanity is another way to connect a bathroom to the rest of your home and make the space more livable. These pieces are functional and provide storage, warmth, and interest to the bathroom space—regardless of the size of the bathroom.

log cabin bathroom

Outside-of-the-Bathroom-Box Finishes

Another way to make people question what room they’re in is to add finishes not traditionally included in the bathroom. One trend is adding wood patterned tile to a large bathroom or simply continuing wood flooring into a powder room. Another is to add interesting fixtures with unique finishes like the freestanding natural burnished cast-iron soaking tub from Penhaglion.com.

freestanding cast iron tub

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By Katie MacGillivray

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