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Do You Bidet?

Master bathroom remodels are a Meadowlark specialty. Our clients tend to request elaborate spa-like experiences as part of their master suite integration. The master bath spa experience can include color hues that resemble the ocean or rain showers with separate body sprays. However, there’s an increasingly popular bathroom feature that is no longer reserved for a beauty spa: the bidet.

Growing Bidet Movement

Bidet’s are efficient accessories that have been used for centuries, and they are still used today in many other countries where plumbing fixtures and drain lines have restricted capabilities because they drastically reduce the use of toilet paper.

In the United States, there is a growing movement to popularize bidets, especially by environmentalists. If you consider how much energy the toilet paper industry uses in the United States alone, the numbers are staggering: An estimated 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are produced each year, or the equivalent of 15 million trees, which in turn requires 473 billion gallons of water and 17.3 terawatts of energy.

Bidets use significantly less energy, water, and trees compared to toilet paper.

Consider a Bidet for Your Home

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to spend tons of money to install a bidet. There are two general types of bidets: a unit that sits alongside a toilet or a unit that integrates the bidet with the toilet seat. You can even purchase add-on bidets which can be attached to almost any standard toilet. Still not convinced…read this article. We apologize if it’s a bit too graphic, but we think it really explains the butt of the problem (pun intended!)

As a functionally “green” artifact, a bidet will leave you pleasantly surprised by its benefits. If you have questions about how to incorporate a bidet into your remodel, don’t hesitate to contact us.

By Melissa Kennedy

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