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A Pet-Friendly Mudroom

Pet-Friendly Remodeling For your Mudroom

We’ve had quite a few mudroom remodels and custom home projects that have focused not only the needs of the client’s family, but also their beloved pets. We have installed dog showers in the garage, but most often our clients want to have a dog washing station in their mudroom areas to help accommodate man’s best friend. This makes so much sense, but often times you just don’t have enough room to fit in a shower. Or so you think…

Making Room For You and Your Dog in Your Mudroom Space

The clients had lived in this home for 10 years and loved the home and the neighborhood, but certain parts of the home just weren’t working anymore for their expanding family. The most problematic “expansion” being their four beloved rescue dogs. The back entry and tiny laundry room could not accommodate all of the cages, accoutrement and the day-to-day in and out movement of the large pups – not to mention the daily laundry needs of a family of four. A small area in the garage was being used to manage some of this, but having the pups in the garage was not ideal for the clients. Also there were no drop zone areas in the existing laundry room, no counter space to fold clothes nor a place to take off coats and boots

Before Photo of Laundry Room Before Remodel.
The existing laundry room was very small and barely had room for a washer/dryer and a sink. In addition the only exit from the existing laundry room was into the garage. To get outside with the dogs you had to go into the garage and then go through another door in the garage to get outside. With four large rescue dogs it was easy to see why the current space wasn’t working for them. Navigating two doors and then having no square footage to get the pups transitioned from outdoors to inside – especially during the Michigan winters – was just not working anymore for our clients.

Before photo of a laundry room before remodel

Creative Design Solutions That are Dog Friendly

The small footprint of the existing laundry room space made it difficult for the clients to visualize how the new space would lay out. They felt there just wasn’t enough space to fit in all of the items they were hoping for. Not wanting to add onto the home – they couldn’t see an easy way to reconfigure the space to get what they needed.

A small cut-out bay area in the garage that was originally designed for a workbench space was utilized to add approximately 56 FT2 to the existing mudroom area. This additional space along with the repositioning of the door to the garage opened up possibilities for our designers to more effectively address the clients’ needs. The new garage door position along with the stacking of the washer and dryer allowed for ample counter space, a pet shower and two large cubbies to allow the clean pups to lounge in style while laundry was being folded. In addition the new configuration permitted placement of a new door that went directly to the outdoors. Placing the coat closet at the end of the space towards the two exit doors opened up the space and located it where it was most needed. Finally a custom built bench right next to the garage door and exterior door created the perfect spot to sit down and take off foot gear and to get the pups transitioned to the indoors.

Also an added complication – the elevation change (two steps) from laundry room to the garage – had to be factored into the design. Clever placement of the steps at the end of the main laundry room area provided a visual transition from the laundry room area into the back entry area. Using the same finishes and textiles in both areas provided continuity to the space.

Before and after floorpan for a laundry room remodel

Great 3D Renderings helped our clients to visualize the possibilities.

Rendering of Dog Friendly Mudroom Remodel

Form Meets Function For Both Man and Man’s Best Friend!

A cramped and inefficient laundry room/back entry has been transformed into a beautiful and functional laundry/mudroom/back entry space that accommodates a family of 4’s – 4 people and 4 dogs! The existing laundry room barely had room for a washer and dryer. There was no direct exit to the exterior for the dogs and also no room to transition both people and dogs from outdoors to indoors.  

Pet Friendly Laundry Room Remodel with Dog Shower

A clever redesign of the space which captured square footage from the adjoining garage resulted in a new space that has revolutionized how the clients live in their home with their pets. The new mudroom/laundry room/back entry space has brought the pups inside into a designated space that allows them to comfortably (and cleanly) interact with the rest of the family.  

Our clients love the space and how it has changed how they live in the home. Prior to the mudroom remodel the dogs were kept in the garage and the laundry room door was kept closed. Now the space is open, functioning and stylishly on display for all who come to visit!

Laundry Room Renovation with cubbies for Dogs

A Pet-Friendly Mudroom and Laundry Area – Happily Ever After!

The clients were looking for major changes in the utility and aesthetic of their tiny existing laundry room space. With a family of 4 people and 4 rescue dogs there was long list of needs and wants and not a lot of space to work with. By capturing a small area from the adjoining garage, a thoughtful redesign has created a new laundry/mudroom/back entry area that has transformed how this pet-loving family lives. The result is a space that is big on function with a stylish aesthetic the clients are proud to show off!

A built in bench provides storage and a place to take off your shoes

This dog-accommodating remodel was part of a larger home renovation that included an adjoining kitchen remodel.  All renovations were done within the existing footprint of the home and the attached garage.

Thinking about remodeling your mudroom and making it more pet-friendly and man-friendly?

We’d love to start the conversation.

By Susan Christian



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