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This stunning whole-home remodel takes advantage of a unique Huron River setting in Ann Arbor.

Meadowlark Master Bath Remodel

Meadowlark Design Build Master Suite Remodel
The view from the living room overlooking the Huron River

Ann Arbor Home Tours

We are always excited, thrilled, nervous, and perplexed when we get the go-ahead from a client who has graciously agreed to allow us to put their home on tour. Excited because it’s so much fun showing and telling folks on the tour what we did to the home and watching their faces as they see the transformation. Thrilled because the projects are such a testament to the amazing work we do. Nervous because it is someone’s home—full of their treasurers and beloved pieces that make the house their home, and we want to make sure that no damage occurs to anything. Perplexed because we can’t believe that anyone would allow 500 people into their home over a weekend.

For this year’s tour, we’re adding one more word to this list: awed.

A Placid Panorama

We are awed by the setting of this home—so close to the Huron River that you can seemingly touch it. We’re awed by Meadowlark designer Jen Hinesman‘s creative redesign that quiets the sharp angles created during the earlier 1990’s remodel and allows for spaces to flow through the home in a softer, gentler fashion. We are awed by the quality of craftsmanship by Meadowlark project manager Joe Scanlon.

And, of course, we’re awed by the fact that our clients barely blinked before saying “yes” to putting their home on the 2017 BRAG Remodelers Home Tour (and by what a success it was!). Finally, we are in awe because we have added these unique and wonderful clients to the Meadowlark family.

By Susan Christian