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Home Design & Functionality Overhaul



A Functional Home for the Whole (Growing!) Family

This home has a lot of character. It sits a corner lot that offers them lots of natural sunlight and features many unique details, such as the salvaged wood floors, door and window frames, and cozy fireplace. 

However, some rooms in their home simply weren’t working for them how they’d like. For starters, while the kitchen has lots of character, it isn’t set up in a way that works for them. There wasn’t nearly enough counter space, the ceramic sink left marks on dishes, and the previous owners left behind a Scrabble backsplash. Yes, you heard us correctly — Scrabble! 

The upstairs bathroom wasn’t practical or convenient to use, so the homeowners were constantly finding themselves showering in the basement bathroom, which was just as annoying as you’d assume. Plus, they wanted to update their front and back entryways and make their outside areas more appealing. 

With all that in mind, it was time to get to work! Our homeowners were expecting their second child (congrats!), so we had no time to waste. 



Practical, Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Rooms

The homeowners had never put any work into this home, so they were excited to get these projects started. 

Kitchen Updates

  • Add more storage in a thoughtfully designed way.
  • Install an island and create more counter space so homeowners can enjoy cooking daily.
  • Open up the space so the kitchen doesn’t feel so cramped and small, and make it flow cohesively with the rest of the downstairs area. 
  • Install a garbage disposal and make aesthetically pleasing places for trash and recycling.

Bathroom Renovation

  • The current clawfoot tub was gorgeous but impractical. Opt for a shower and tub combo with a rain showerhead and an area to bathe the new baby.
  • Install a new sink and remove the old, low-sitting one.
  • Create more spaces for storage. 

Mudroom Makeover

  • Design the space with storage in mind. Our homeowners already had one child and a second one on the way, so they want a designated area for boots, jackets, backpacks, play clothes, and more. 
  • Fix entryways leading in and out of the home so that they’re attractive and safe for the children to use. 

Design Challenges

A New Family Member On the Way

These homeowners genuinely loved the Craftsman woodwork that already existed in the home, but they wanted to revamp the space and lighten it up. Since they just returned to the states after living in Demark for four years, they felt inspired and influenced by Scandinavian design and wanted to feature that in their home updates where it made sense. 

The goal for this project was to be done by March 2022. A new baby was on the way, and the last thing they wanted to deal with was construction in their home while a newborn baby is trying to sleep — which we totally understand!

Design Selections



  • Cabinets and knobs for coats and shoes
  • A large kitchen sink with a gorgeous faucet
  • Dazzling blue cabinets for an updated yet classic look
  • New countertops with plenty of space for cooking
  • Open shelving that keeps the space open while providing extra space for storage



A Gorgeous, Functional Home Remodel & Addition

At the end of our project, our homeowners were left with exactly what they were looking for a stunning kitchen with natural light, a layout that worked for them, a timeless color palette, an upstairs bathroom that they actually want to use, and a mudroom with useful storage options.