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'80s Redux - A Sustainable Whole-Home Remodel with a Phased Master Plan 



A Beloved Home in Need of Serious Updates 

Our clients loved the neighborhood and wonderfully wooded lot of their 1988 Landau contemporary home — so much so that they never wanted to move again. However, they were tired of the dark exterior and inefficient layout of the home. It was time to look into some updating, both in form and in function. A whole-home remodel was necessary. 




  • 1988 Landau contemporary home 
  • Located in Ann Arbor, MI 
  • Beautifully wooded lot 



From Old & Outdated to Sustainable & Contemporary

Our clients approached us with a desire to bring their home into the 21st century, making it work better for their family and for the planet. 

Overall project goals:


Master Plan

Phased Approach to a Whole-Home Remodel

Our clients needed a sensible approach to a whole-home remodel. Our designers developed a master plan strategy that separated the project into three focus areas: Sustainability & Comfort, Improve Function & Update Aesthetic, and Improve Outdoor Experience. 

Whole-Home Remodel Phase 1: Sustainability & Comfort

Whole-Home Remodel Phase 2: Improve Function & Update Aesthetic

  • Bring more natural daylight into the home by removing an unused screened porch and installing large, energy-efficient windows.
  • Open up transitions from room to room.
  • Incorporate existing structural support columns into walls, or remove them.
  • Utilize bright and modern selections for a clean, contemporary look.
  • Reconfigure spaces to make them work better for the family’s lifestyle.
  • Implement creative storage solutions to help with day-to-day clutter.

Whole-Home Remodel Phase 3: Improve Outdoor Experience

  • Remove and replace dark brown siding with durable, easy-to-maintain cement fiberboard siding and over 2” of rigid foam insulation.
  • Extend the front porch to balance the weight of the front exterior and create a light modern feel.
  • Add a new garage door to boost visual interest and contemporary aesthetic. 
  • Remove unused screened porches on the rear exterior to allow more natural light in the home and provide opportunities for a larger, more open rear patio.



A "Deep Green" Whole-Home Remodel with Lots to Love 

Through phased master planning, our team could complete this sustainable whole-home remodel and transform the home both inside and out. Our designs not only encompassed a total change in the functionality and flow of the home but also resulted in changes that made this a “deep-green” sustainable remodel.

The result? A complete transformation in comfort, function, and aesthetic of the home.