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Modular & Panelized Homes

Modular units and pre-fabricated panels can be a fast and efficient way to erect a house. Because these are built in to factory standards and made to easily withstand shipping to the site, these buildings tend to be very well constructed, and can be made to be energy efficient.

Modular panelized homes in Michigan or other locations can be configured within a rectangle up to 16 feet in width by up to 60 feet in length. Within that rectangle, partition walls can be any configuration. They can be butted together with thick “Marriage Walls” where there are openings to other modules. The modules can also be stacked to allow for second stories.

The experience of living in a modular home is that same as any other home. With customized finishes, the modules weave together seamlessly. Our testing shows us that modular homes can be made nearly as tight as other houses. With an energy-efficient foundation, good weatherization techniques, and a geothermal heating and cooling system, these homes can be real energy champs.

Modular homes typically come with the lowest-priced fixtures and finishes that can be applied, which is why they can be very inexpensive. Upgrading to our custom energy package, available only through Meadowlark Builders, adds a significant amount to the price tag, but pays for itself in a reasonable time period. Other custom finishes will add to the price as well, but those finishes will tend to look better and last longer.

Modular homes are an attractive option that will save a decent sum of money in construction relative to a custom-built home. They are not useful in every case, but they can be a versatile green building technology to use when you have an open palette and a tight budget. In some cases, they might be nearly the floorplan you were thinking of anyway.

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We were extremely pleased with the remodel done by Meadowlark on our home.



Meadowlark walks the talk when offering energy saving options in one's home design. We appreciated their emphsis on customer service.



The design, craftsmanship and project execution were exceptional. It was wonderful to work with such responsible and client-oriented professionals. They also worked with us in many ways to keep us on budget.



Meadowlark designed and remodeled our kitchen in 2016. Overall they did incredible work - from the first design consultation to the final construction walk through.



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