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3 Expert Design Tips For Giving Your Home A “Facelift” by Melissa Kennedy

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February 28th, 2017

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Recently, we have had quite a few inquiries for our design team to add curb appeal to the exteriors of homes. I am always amazed at what our design team can come up with for even the most “plain” home and right now, as we speak, we have some great ones brewing in our design department. Because of this trend, I decided to put together a three-point checklist that I equate to a facial makeover.  These are items that you may want to consider before you embark on an exterior “facelift” of your home.

1. Siding: The Foundation

There are four main options for re-siding a new home. Wood lap siding and cement board lap siding are the two materials that we work with the most. Both of these materials are very durable (when properly installed) and, with a high quality paint installation, are beautiful and clean. Vinyl siding and aluminum siding are two additional options that can be installed at a lower price point and also require very minimal maintenance. However, if you are ecologically conscientious (like all of us here at Meadowlark are!) you should already be wary of the last two options. If you are unaware of the implications of producing vinyl, I highly recommend you watch Blue Vinyl. Aluminum, aside from possibly corroding and/or visibly displaying rust, takes a lot of energy to fabricate.

Gree Remodel Ann Arbor

2. Entry: The Lipstick

Many 1980’s and 1990’s standard colonial and ranch homes seem to highlight the garage as the entry and have therefore, inadvertently stuck a front door in a dark, narrow space so as to be almost forgotten. Our design team is enjoying developing interesting entry ideas that add the “lipstick” to our client’s homes, making these once forgotten entries noticeable, welcoming, and identifiable. Take a look at some of these remodeled entries for ideas: Greek Revival Entry Gable Entry

3. Trim: The Eyeliner

The trim on a home – the outline of every detail, every window, every door – may seem to be such a subtle element but carefully selecting the correct trim – paying attention to dimensionality, weight, and detail – will allow for the apertures and the unique forms on a home to “pop.” Trim patterns allow architectural styles to define themselves on exteriors of homes.

Home Remodeling Project Photo

by Melissa Kennedy