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The events of the past week have left me wrestling with our new reality. There are lots of unknowns right now, but one thing I am certain of is that it is up to all of us to rise to the occasion and find creative solutions to support our employees, clients and our community.

As I have talked with others who are navigating similar situations with their businesses, I am incredibly thankful for the calm, assertive and patient reactions from all of you to the changes that are hitting us right now.

Right now we can’t work in the field…but that doesn’t mean we have stopped working. We have regrouped, we have set up our home offices and we are here to help out where we can.

Here’s what we are doing at Meadowlark

  • Design:  Our designers quickly pivoted to working remotely while multi-tasking with their families to keep the kids happy, healthy and home-schooled. During the first week of the restriction we had our first virtual preliminary planning meetings for the design of two new projects, and we signed two construction retainers – all done remotely. (See Designer Jimmy below working on a custom home remotely from his home office – his kids pitched in to help define the space).
  • Marketing:  Marketing took the bull by the horns and also set up shop from home. They are taking this opportunity to reach out to all of our clients to touch base and to see if there is anything we can be doing to support them. They are also working on creative ways to delight, engage and support the community as a whole.
  • Production:  While we can’t be out in the field right now, it doesn’t mean that our production team isn’t working behind the scenes. Our estimators and project facilitators are still scoping projects so that when the time comes we can quickly move these projects into the field. We are providing resources and virtual meetings to help our carpenters and field crew learn new skills.
  • Management: We are staying on top of local, federal and CDC guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe. That is our number one goal.

Photo of Meadowlark Designer Jimmy Designing at Home

For our clients

Our primary focus is to stay in communication. Whether you are in a the midst of remodeling project or did a project 10 years ago, please let us know if there is anything we can be doing for you. The easiest way to get in touch with us is to send us an email at or if you have a service/warranty issue please go to our warranty page on our website.

For our suppliers and trade partners

We realize that there may be changes in how your business is conducted in the future. Please work with us to help come up with solutions on how we can work better together. Also, we are here to offer our support in any way we can. We need your business to do our business – so please reach out to your Meadowlark point person if you need help.

For our community

We know that one of the best things we can be doing is to practice physical distancing to keep everyone safe. We also are compelling everyone to support their local businesses as much as possible. Whether it’s ordering take-out from your favorite restaurant, leaving a 5-Star Google review for your local market or service provider, or just touching base your hairdresser to see how they are doing – please consider what you can do to keep their businesses going.


Finally – do what you can for those in need. There are so many who need support right now. Sew a face mask, offer to deliver food for an organization providing food for families in need, check in on your elderly neighbor –  all of these can be from a safe distance. (CEO of Fun Susan blew the dust off her sewing machine for mask-making).

PHoto of home made face mask

We’re all in this together so get some sleep, eat healthy, go for a walk and breathe in the fresh spring air – and we will come out of this together.

By Melissa Kennedy