First on the Block

This LEED Platinum certified home was built as a spec home, and the clients purchased the home while it was under construction.

The homeowners wanted to achieve as close to a Net Zero Energy standard as possible, so they installed solar panels on the roof two years after they moved in.

The Problems

The owners of Meadowlark lived in the neighborhood and noticed a home on a large lot become available. They took the opportunity to establish themselves as green builders in Ann Arbor and developed two dwelling units on the property with LEED Platinum goals in mind.

“How do we fix this?”


Project Size

Total square feet: 3800


New custom home built on spec. The existing home on this site was torn down and two condos were built as a duplex on the site. This home is the larger of the two condos.

  • Solution 1:  Develop concepts to allow for duplex unit to be built on a single lot
  • Solution 2:  Engage design + build team in technical conversations to achieve LEED Platinum status
  • Solution 3:  Design with future homeowners in mind
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Lead Designer

Meadowlark Design Team

Project Manager

Kirk Brandon

  • Solution 1: Floor plans to allow for flexible lifestyles
  • Solution 2: Finishes that show custom Meadowlark details
  • Solution 3: Create a comfortable and incredibly efficient home

The Results

Voila! The home is the first LEED platinum certified homes in the neighborhood, standing large and proud in a lot otherwise not often found in this tight community. With elegance, efficiency, and energy, this home will stand the test of time and our clients were thrilled.

“We're thrilled with the home and it's presence in our neighborhood.”

First on the Block results

LEED Platinum Certified

Net Zero Energy

Solar panelling