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Burns Park Beginnings

Our clients approached Meadowlark with the intention of having us craft for them a new home; one that would be downsized from their current residence, uniquely located for a wonderful community connection (Walkscore of 81 for biking!), and allowing them to live closer to their growing family. Their goal was to build sustainably, using recycled content and locally-made, biologically-friendly building products wherever possible.


Starting at the grass-roots level, our design+build team at Meadowlark joined forces with our clients to turn a series of already-developed design sketches into a functional, well-detailed, and truly beautiful home. Sharing an exemplary focus and passion on pushing the boundaries of what it means for a project to be green, our clients and Meadowlark hit the ground running.

On site stood a dilapidated '70s style home that left the homeowners no choice but to tear it to the ground. In its condition, there were little options for salvaging the property through any remodeling efforts. Nevertheless, our clients were determined to bring to life the perfect home for the perfect location. Wanting to keep true to the Tudor aesthetic both in form and proportion, their vision was to create a sustainable home that combined old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology.

The Team

Architectural and Interior Design:  Philip Melcher, Aspire Architecture, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Project Manager:  Meadowlark Project Management Team



Schematic Design

Our clients were passionate about building sustainably. This included using as much reclaimed materials as feasible and also sourcing materials locally. Energy efficiency and comfort were also equally important. Old Tudors are notoriously difficult to make energy efficient with their characteristic steep pitch rooflines. To get the look of an older Tudor with a high degree of energy efficiency turns out to be equally difficult. After months of collaborative design between the clients and the Meadowlark design staff, the result is a home that is both a model of long-term sustainability and a timeless Tudor classic.

At a finished 3,310 sq. ft., this custom home brought our clients' dream to life. With five bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, the homeowners now have more than enough space to accommodate their family and guests. Each room tells a different story and highlights a unique element to give each space an identity. With ample living spaces, a cozy kitchen and more, this home exceeded all expectations. Key components to the design success:

  • Recycled rigid foam insulation used in the home's exterior envelope
  • Spray foam and cellulose used for interior insulation
  • Air sealing and an Energy Recovery Ventilator for optimum indoor air quality and comfort
  • Geothermal HVAC and water heating system
  • Cedar Shingle Roofing
  • Low maintenance finishes and products used throughout
  • Sustainable, low-maintenance landscaping design
  • Classic brick and stucco exterior

Design Development

This Tudor cottage is perfect in proportion with a second floor that nestles into the steep roof just as if built in centuries past. Exceedingly well insulated and air sealed with state-of-the-art HVAC technology, the home sips energy at a level at which most houses can only dream of. Healthy and uber-comfortable, this home is built to be long-lasting and durable using recycled content and locally-made building products. It is a labor of love and a beacon for the future.

  • Bessemer gray brick, Old Carolina Brick Co. mixed with the StoTherm Ci Classic barrier system in a stucco finish
  • Acoustic Control System for noise reduction in master suite
  • Refurbished wood paneling throughout home
  • Benjamin Moore paint selections
  • Custom cabinetry throughout

The Results

With the look and feel of a mid-century Tudor, this home gives a nod to the past while setting precedents for the future. Our clients reached their goal of building their dream home, living closer to family, and going green for all of the right reasons. This beautiful home stands tall and reminds us that new beginnings are always possible.

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