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An '80s Redux - Transforming A Home With A Phased Master Plan

This transformation an '80s contemporary home with a phased remodel highlights the beauty of using a Master Plan to sensibly approach your remodeling needs.


The Vision

Our clients loved the quiet neighborhood and wonderful wooded lot of their 1988 Landau contemporary and never wanted to move again. However, they were tired of the dark exterior and inefficient layout of the home and felt it was time to look into some updating – both in form and in function. The clients approached Meadowlark with a desire to bring the home into the twenty-first century and make it work better for their family. In addition they knew that doing a major renovation would be the perfect time to invest in energy saving measures that would pay off both in dollars and in the comfort of their home


The Team

Project Management:  The Meadowlark Production Team

Project Designer:  Melissa Kennedy

Photography:  Sean Carter


Schematic Design

When our clients purchased the home they knew changes were necessary, but rather than dive right into renovations - they decided to live in the home a while to get a feel for what was working for them and what wasn’t. Also, like most of us, they didn’t have an infinite budget and thus they wanted to be sure that when the time was right to make the investment they would be getting the best results for their needs and wants.

Our designers knew that there was plenty of square footage that could be better utilized. Too many doorways, broken sight lines and awkwardly placed support columns created spaces that not only were inefficient, but also weren't attractive. In addition, a rarely-used screened porch on the back of the home blocked natural sunlight and created darker-than-necessary spaces.

Creating a Master Plan strategy our designers had three focus areas:

  • Sustainability and comfort
  • Improve function and update the aesthetic
  • Improve the outdoor experience

Design Development

As the Master Plan evolved these were the key features of each phase:


  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling installed
  • Insulation replaced and improved
  • An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) was installed to improve comfort and indoor air-quality
  • A high-efficiency hot water heater installed



  • More natural daylight brought into the home via removal of the rear screened porch and installing larger, more energy-efficient windows
  • Transitions from room to room were opened up to create longer sight lines through the home
  • The existing structural support columns were incorporated into the walls or removed
  • Bright and modern selections were utilized to create a clean, contemporary look and feel
  • Spaces were reconfigured to make them work better for the family
  • Creative storage solutions to help with the day-to-day clutter were incorporated



  • Dark brown siding was removed and replaced with durable, easy-to-maintain cement fiber board siding over 2" of rigid foam insulation to improve energy efficiency
  • The front porch was extended to balance the weight of the front exterior creating a light modern feel
  • A new garage door adds interest to the new contemporary aesthetic
  • The unused screened porch on the rear exterior was removed resulting in more natural light to flow into the home and provided the opportunity for a larger, more-open rear patio for entertaining



The Results

Our clients were ready to bring their home into the 21st century with a more open floor plan and an emphasis on function, comfort and sustainability. Through phased Master Planning, our team collaborated with the clients to transform the home both inside and out. Meadowlark’s designs not only encompassed a total change in functionality and flow in the home, but also took into account changes to make this a “deep-green” remodel – highly insulated with geothermal heating and cooling and efficient home systems. The result is a total transformation in comfort, function and the aesthetic of the home.

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