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A Secluded Retreat

This  award-winning remodel/addition was designed to create expansive views of the surrounding landscape from deep within the first floor and loft spaces of the home. Floor to ceiling windows with a custom acute-angle corner extension broaden the panorama and provide dramatic views from the entryway, dining room, living room and loft spaces to the surrounding gardens. The new windows combined with the new angular addition and roofline create a unique exterior façade that gives needed weight to balance the angular design of this ‘70s contemporary-style home.

The Vision

The homeowners wanted to open up the first floor living area of their contemporary home to expand the views from inside the home to the beautiful exterior landscape that included a pond and old growth trees. A fine balance between maintaining the original architectural aesthetic and utilizing energy-efficient components was the key objective in this unique project. A desire to provide a vibrant backdrop to display their extensive collection of ethnic art pieces was also a key consideration for the redesign and selections process. Adding to the challenge was their wish to complete this 2-story addition/remodel while still living in the home during construction.



The Team

Design: PLY+

Project Manager: Meadowlark Project Management Team

FireplaceDr. Flue

Concrete Hearth Surround: Brian Schmidt

Photography:  Adam Smith


Schematic Design

To achieve the clients goals the entry and living room areas were reconfigured and a two-story addition with two levels of windows and a custom acute-angle corner window were added to the living room to open up the sight lines from the entry hall, dining, living area and loft space. Project challenges included:

  • The existing home had many angles which created spaces that were not perpendicular
  • A 39 year-old house with a sagging roofline
  • The lot had many giant trees that pre-empted the use of a crane for major structural components
  • Homeowners living in house during construction
  • Installation of custom acute angle (51.4 degree) window 
  • Installing, mudding and painting an acute angle drywall joint with two different paint colors
  • A design of a 35 foot door wall with 3 sets of functioning double doors lined up perfectly and placed into existing space with an uneven floor
  • Ambitious architectural design with long spans using structural insulated panels (SIPS) for walls and roof 
  • Keeping out the mosquitos from the heavily forested lot during a record-breaking mosquito infestation 


Design Development

To make the living area more comfortable and energy-efficient, Meadowlark incorporated Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) by Insulspan into the construction of the 75 square foot addition. In addition, the new wood-burning fireplace circulates pre-heated air through the room and returns it to the furnace through a cold air return. The custom, site-built concrete hearth surround provides a stunning focal point to this living space.

  • A SIP roof and walls allowed for long spans that create a stunning architectural focal point that showcases surrounding lot and adds to the architectural aesthetic of the original home
  • Custom cabinetry and doors using book-matched maple veneer were designed to accommodate the many unique angles in the home and to accommodate uneven flooring
  • Block and Tackle pulley systems were utilized on the site to move large SIP components into place
  • Careful cover of openings to the new addition were diligently monitored during construction to keep the mosquitos at bay
  • Acute angle window template was created after framing/drywall was complete to aid in the installation of the custom angled-window frame
  • A Custom designed and built concrete fireplace with recirculating heat ducts that were designed to flow into second floor air returns to capture every bit of energy

The Results

A strong desire to meld the angular design of this 1970’s contemporary home with the beauty of surrounding forested lot has resulted in a home that is as visually compelling as it is comfortable. A custom acute-angle corner window provides dramatic views from the entryway of the home toward the outside and from outside in. The new addition also adds a striking roofline which gives needed weight to balance out the unique angular design of this ‘70s contemporary style home.

The clients have noted that the renovation has transformed how they live in the home. Prior to the remodel they tended to use the kitchen for reading because the living room was dark and uninviting. After the work was completed that all changed. Due to the inpouring of natural light and the sight lines created by the redesign/addition - the new living area now beckons all who enter and allows for better social and private space for family and friends. It also provides a beautiful backdrop to their wonderful art collection.

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