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A Placid Panorama

Set on a quiet stretch of the Huron River, this stunning home was built to take in everything this picturesque lot has to offer. Originally built in the ’70s as a vacation spot and then remodeled in the ’90s using local Architect Wayne Appleyard, this home was able to take advantage of the generous setback requirements of the time allowing for decks and a curved bay of windows that are cantilevered towards the river – beckoning all that enter the home.

The Vision

Our clients purchased the home in 2015 and approached Meadowlark to help bring the home into the new century. Key design focus was to provide a beautiful backdrop to showcase the homeowner's photography and beloved treasures from world travels, and to maximize the amazing views of the Huron River.


The Team

Design & Architecture:  Jen Hinesman

Project Manager:  Joe Scanlon

Photos by Sean Carter

Custom Metal accessories by Drew Kyte of Kyte Metalwerks


Schematic Design

This home had plenty of square footage, but the kitchen and master suite room layouts were inefficient and the transition from room to room was awkward. In addition, not much had been done in the way of updates since the last remodel in the '90s, and thus the finishes were tired and outdated.

Our clients came to Meadowlark with the following list of design needs:

  • Maximize the river views throughout the interior and exterior the home
  • Reconfigure the Master Suite to create better flow and a larger Master Closet
  • Update the outdated finishes throughout the home
  • Utilize Aging-in-place design strategies
  • Incorporate an island in the kitchen
  • Open up the connection from room to room and maximize natural daylight
  • Create opportunities to display client's photography and also the art and sculpture collected from world travels

Design Development

Our clients planned on aging gracefully in this home and thus it was important to use aging-in-place design strategies. Getting rid of the sharp angles and opening up the hallways and doorways from room to room not only helped to accomplish this goal, but also opened up the spaces to more natural daylight and to more views of the idyllic surrounding property.

  • Custom "floating" bookshelf in living room and hall shelving were designed around client's art pieces and library
  • Master Suite absorbed the existing office area for a customized Master Closet
  • Hallway and entrance to Master Suite was opened up to accommodate wheelchair access if necessary
  • Kitchen pantry area removed and large floor-to-ceiling cabinetry was utilized in its place to open up kitchen square footage for a large island with cooktop
  • Opening between dining room and kitchen was enlarged to maximize river views from kitchen
  • Light finishes throughout helped to breathe a breath of fresh air into the entire home
  • Lower level was remodeled and updated with two guest rooms, family room, office, bathroom and laundry room.
  • Outdoor decks and railings were reconfigured and rebuilt to open up the view to the river

The Results

A thoughtful redesign of the kitchen and master suite along with updates throughout left no part of this home untouched during this whole-home remodel. The result is a home that takes advantage of the one-of-a- kind setting by using a creative redesign that quiets the previous sharp angles and allows for spaces to flow through the home in a softer, gentler fashion.

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