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Two-Island Kitchen Layouts Perfect for Two Cooks

If you have two cooks in the family, you know that it can be difficult to prepare your spécialité de la maison, or any other dish for that matter, when you have to maneuver around another cook doing the same thing. In a perfect world...two separate kitchens would be great, but for most of us that's not realistic. The solution - two kitchen islands.

Here are some of our favorite recent designs.

Kitchen 1:  You don't need a huge kitchen, but you do need clearly defined zones

For this kitchen remodel we kept the kitchen in the same space it was originally, but we opened up the space and instead of having kitchen area + hallway area, we blended the overall space and created zones that could perform different functions.

KITCHEN REMODEL CO CTA GRAPHICThe before layout was a closed in space with an awkward angular layout that sucked up square footage. By reconfiguring the layout — three distinct work areas were defined that could be easily accessed from a full 360°. In addition, by getting rid of the inefficient angular layout and a kitchen office area (which the clients didn't use), we not only created a much more efficient kitchen layout, but also added a large walk-in pantry closet.

Island #1: Prep area with loads of storage.

Island #2 (actually this is technically a peninsula): Wide enough to manage kitchen prep with a drawer microwave and a seating area for hungry kids and chef "wannabe's."

Bonus Bar area: With a refrigerator, sink and additional storage for drinks and entertaining accoutrement. The new large walk-in pantry is behind this wall.



Kitchen 2:  I want to eat weekday meals with my family but I don't want to be sitting on a bar stool

This traditional '70s colonial had lots of kitchen space, but again it was broken up into designated rooms that really didn't maximize the function for this very busy and very active family. Our clients loved to cook and loved to entertain, but the clutter of day-to-day life had exceeded the capability of the existing layout. With a very busy lifestyle, sitting down for weekly family meals to reconnect was extremely important to them. For this project the solution was to have two islands, one with a lower table height area where four people could sit down face-to-face and have a conversation with their meal.

Island #1: Kitchen sink, dishwasher and loads of storage and counter space.

Island #2; Raised prep area with a drawer microwave and a lower elevation that is more like a dining room table for in-kitchen dining.



Kitchen 3:  I want a second island, but I don't want it to look like a kitchen counter

This client wanted a very open layout for entertaining family and friends, but they also wanted to have clearly defined spaces. A second island was attractive to them to house a wine refrigerator, icemaker, and for additional storage, but they didn't want it to look like a traditional kitchen island. The solution: a customized island made of beautiful wood with furniture-like details. The result is a perfect island that helps to transition from kitchen to living area without being overbearing.

Island #1: Kitchen sink and dishwasher with bar seating for the kids.

Island #2:  A custom-built second island with an icemaker and wine fridge for entertaining family and friends. 



Is it time to update your kitchen to make room for the multiple cooks in your family? Let our designers help you create the kitchen of your dreams. All you need to do is contact us and we'd love to start the conversation.


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