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The Perfect Pantry

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Kitchen storage is always one of the key drivers for many of our kitchen remodels. Keeping things off the counters and having ample space to store food, gadgets and tools makes the day-to-day kitchen tasks easier and more pleasant.

Custom Home Pantries to Love

When building a custom home, it is easy to design with a pantry in mind because you are starting from scratch. For this custom home, our clients loved entertaining during the holidays using silver, crystal and china that they had collected or were family heirlooms. This pantry also holds a wine refrigerator and a second dishwasher to help manage the dishes and the crowd.

Photo of custom home pantry

A Pantry for the Team

For our remodeling projects, it’s not quite as easy –  especially if there is not an addition involved. Our designers have to look at the existing space and see if it can be reconfigured to accommodate a pantry. For this project, our clients were finding that staying on top of the food demands of three growing kids (two of which were high school football players) and their friends and family required a major upgrade to their storage capabilities. By reconfiguring the kitchen space and borrowing space from an adjoining mudroom, we we able to build out this perfect pantry that helps to keep all the “team” members well fed.

barn door pantry

Reclaimed Space and Cabinets

In this whole-home remodel and addition a major reconfiguration of the first floor allowed for this small, but efficient Butler’s Pantry to be added. Deconstructed cabinets from the previous kitchen were painted and reused for this project.


Small but Mighty

A complete re-design of the kitchen and first floor area in this remodel resulted in this small but extremely functional pantry. Proving that you don’t need a lot of space, but it does need to be accessible and well designed.


Need some additional storage in your kitchen? We’d love to talk about pantry possibilities in your home.

By Susan Christian

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