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HGTV.com Features Meadowlark-12 Creative  Spaces Under Stairs



Creating a Lounge Under The Stairs Through Remodeling

"When actress Kristen Bell treated her sister to a major remodel of her Detroit home,  she called Meadowlark Builders to incorporate this 'loft type' space in the basement for kids to lounge on. The cozy alcove also features deep built-in drawers for plenty of toy storage." -HGTV.com

Our lead designer Melissa Kennedy discussed several options for space under the stairs with Kristen Bell. Should it be a wall with pull-out storage for toys?  Should it be a desk with built-in cubbies for holding markers and crayons? The client recalled his sister-in-law’s house where the kids hang-out in a “loft type" space all the time. We determined this would be the perfect thing to utilize in this space! A platform built under the stairs creates a cozy area for kids to read, use their iPads or just hang out. Custom built deep drawers under the platform help to minimize clutter by providing excellent storage space for toys, games and books.



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