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DIY – Turning Your Closet Into a Home Office

Another DIY Closet Update that You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

By Susan Christian

At Meadowlark, we have amazing designers that can do amazing things to your home, but for many folks, you don’t need a major overhaul…you just need a few tweaks. Now that we are at home trying to manage work, kids and just day-to-day living – finding ways to help organize the space in your homes can be helpful. Here is a relatively easy (and fun!) DIY project you can do to a closet to make it the perfect office space.

We have a first floor room that is technically a bedroom, but since it has double French doors with glass in them, it works much better as an office space. We have bedrooms upstairs so we don’t need the bedroom space, thus we decided to turn it into a reading/office room. It has this pretty standard closet in it.

Standard bedroom closed with French doors

Since there are two of us who need space to organize our stuff, I turned the main part of the room over to my husband and decided to use the closet as my office “area.”

I first got rid of the white plastic wrapped wire clothes rod and shelf. I filled the holes and painted the closet to match the rest of the room. Then I started designing!

Photo of closet turned into a home office

As it turns out, it was a lot easier than I expected. With the help of the Container Store and their Elfa Shelving Systems, I purchased the hardware and shelving and it was really easy to install. I didn’t even have to cut anything!

This was many years ago, but in checking back to the Container Store website they now have really great design tools online that you can use to outfit your closet (no matter how you plan on using it) and they deliver!

Bedroom Closet Turned into Home Office

The end result is a cozy little nook that holds everything I need…and the beauty of this is that at the end of the day I can just close the doors and walk away!

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