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Define your Space

I need more space!

If you’ve been around Meadowlark, you know we like to build smaller and smarter. So when someone comes to us saying they need more space, we’re hesitant to believe them. Often the problem isn’t quantity, but quality of space – is the space being used efficiently and purposefully? In her book The Not So Big House (one of our favorites!), Sarah Susanka emphasizes defining spaces as a way of giving them an individual identity and purpose. But how do you define your space in the ever-popular open floor plan? Here are four wall-less ways to define your space:

Add Level Changes

living room

This technique is especially effective for defining smaller spaces within a large, open space. Adding a drop ceiling can create a more intimate feel. A surrounding soffit or dropped floor are other ways to clearly define an area.

Create a Break in Finishes


A change in flooring or paint color can be a clear indication the purpose of a space is changing. Bonus: it adds aesthetic interest!

Use Cabinetry

undercabinet hood2

Cabinetry not only is low enough to keep a clear line of sight between rooms but also gives you more storage space.

Add a Defining Element


An eye-catching element creates a focal point for a space and says “Look! Something’s going on here!” A large pendant above the table or faux ceiling beams in a living room are great examples. How do you use your space?

By Katie MacGillivray

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