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Are you bold enough to go all white?

A shout out to white kitchens!

Are you bold enough to go all white with your design selections? White has a bad reputation. Boring, lifeless, drab. I beg to differ! Have you ever visited a paint store and taken a look at how many different whites there actually are? Whites with grey tones, whites with blue tones, whites with yellow tones…you get the picture.

White to me is soothing, clean, and fresh. Imagine when you might wear all white – flowing linen on a beach, anyone? With a fresh breeze and a cool cocktail, what could be more relaxing? For me, I want that fresh feeling in my home. Natural light and plenty of white are key.

White kitchen cabinets, walls and countertops

Why not layer white on white and then use small accents for a punch of color. In this kitchen, for example, the homeowner chose white painted cabinets with a white Italian marble countertop. The cabinets are a shaker-front with a traditional chrome hardware. The counter is a classic honed white Italian marble. Together, they are timeless. Let your colorful Kitchenaid mixer or funky platter do the heavy lifting – they are fun punches of color and are easy to swap out – while the white kitchen is soothing and clean.

IMG_6405_mike copy

Layering different textures together is another way to use white in a fun and fresh way. Mix the smooth texture of different shaped white vases with shear window treatments and fluffy pillows or throws. The shear window treatments allow your window to be framed without blocking your view to the outside. This extends the users view and makes the space feel more open and light-filled.

Let the people be the “color” in your home and keep the finishes white.

By Jen Hinesman

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