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If you are thinking about taking on a remodeling project or even thinking about building a new custom home, then “Design Build” is something you have probably run across in your search process. If you are like most people – you’re not quite sure what this term means.

Meadowlark’s lead designer and sales manager Melissa Kennedy created this graphic to bring homeowners up to speed on what’s involved in a home remodeling project. This would also apply to designing and building a custom home.

The diagram is broken up into two phases: a preliminary planning agreement and a detailed design phase. Steps for each phase are unique to each design/build project. Meadowlark designers draw the funnel by hand for every client.

Melissa’s graphic was featured inĀ ProRemodeler, a magazine focused on professional remodeling. Read more about the Design Build Process and the graphic in the full article. Want to know more? Visit Our Process page.