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Although flat screen televisions revolutionized in-home entertainment and became a staple of the 21st century living room, things are changing. The communal tradition of families watching television together has rapidly vanished as laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become the preferred delivery method for most individuals’ media and entertainment needs.

With the portability of devices and the ever-expanding universe of viewing options, there is no longer the need for a single space for everyone to get together and share one common entertainment choice. In fact, the reverse is now true: More and more homeowners are requesting areas that are free of televisions and computers.

No Technology? No Problem

Whether it’s a formal living room, a light-filled sunroom, or a smaller reading room, there is a trend in residential design to carve out technology-free spaces and create areas for engaging conversation and family gatherings.


If you’re thinking of transforming your own living spaces to make them more family-focused, conversation-friendly, and technology-free, contact Meadowlark. Our design team would love to work with you.

By Jimmy Bevilacqua