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Okay…so it’s not high up on a very tall pedestal with flying cars all around, but this home has technology in it that would make George Jetson proud! This seemingly modest home is jam-packed with cutting edge technology that’s going to start the owners on the path towards net-zero living.

As scientists, our clients were interested in pushing the envelope with new technologies and getting as close to a carbon-neutral lifestyle as possible. This house is future ready: able to produce energy, recycle water and waste as effectively as possible, while also being as close to net-zero energy as possible. The house is pre-plumbed for future water and waste recycling. Bio-phase change materials (bio-PCM) are used in the walls and ceiling to greatly increase the thermal mass of this home, adding more energy saving than even solar panels.

Earth tubes use passive ground temperature to pre-cool and pre-heat incoming air, and modulate the home’s humidity. With advanced ducting and energy management systems, this home will perform at a level that other framed houses cannot achieve.The icing on the cake is a Dow Powerhouseâ„¢ solar shingles array.

And it’s not just energy-efficient, it’s also beautiful with a floating central staircase designed by Kyte Metalwerks as the central focal point of the home. This home has achieved LEED Platinum Certification by the US Green Building Council.

By Susan Christian