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Home, Unplugged

This Asian take on a modern home arose from collaboration with a client who was passionate about design. Deeply interested in modern architecture, she wanted to pay homage to her roots and family heirlooms, as well as objects collected through decades of travel abroad. Working closely as a team, every view and angle was thought through in multiple renderings. This home captures gorgeous views of nature from its hillside perch overlooking the river valley while maintaining the perfect environment inside the home.


The owners had demanding jobs that took them all over the world. They needed a home that while cutting edge in every way, was also a place to unwind and unplug. The house was designed to be a place of retreat and rejuvenation of the body and mind. It should have focal points in the home to highlight antique family furniture pieces or her grandmother's beautiful textile art. While having an open floor plan that would feel light and airy, the house should also have nooks that feel private and contemplative. It should function well to host parties or spontaneous get-togethers while still maintaining intimacy of spaces when just the owners were home.


The Team

Design & Architecture:  Melissa Kennedy and Larry Maciag

Project Manager:  Meadowlark Project Management Team


Schematic Design

Our client was looking to be brought into the process of the design work. After decades of looking at and admiring modern architecture, she had strong design ideas that she was looking for Meadowlark to draw out and put into form.

  • Mix Asian inspirations into the home design -- materials, furnishings and contrasting elements
  • Create focal points that highlight sentimental or well-crafted objects
  • Emphasize beautiful views to the outside in key areas

Design Development

As the design progressed, we realized this design would be perfect for erecting a panelized house. From foundation to roof, this house was built with panels manufactured off-site for durability and superior energy performance.

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) would be used for the walls and roof
  • The foundation is an insulated panel system
  • A specialized steel beam was manufactured to support the upper floor of a home with no interior load-bearing walls
  • Radiant floors and geothermal heating and cooling enhance comfort and energy performance

The Results

Over the years, this has become an iconic house. Clean and minimalist, it is also organic and personal at the same time. The home is exceedingly comfortable and efficient, and effortlessly hosts just the owners, or groups of people.  Outstanding views and focal points exist nearly everywhere you stand in the home.

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