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Capitalizing on Character - A Burns Park Kitchen Remodel

A classic Burns Park home is reconfigured to take advantage of every square foot possible. Although modest in size at 1790 FT2, the home now lives much larger than its spec and caters to the needs of a growing family. 


After renting this home for a number of years, our clients were presented with the opportunity to purchase the home. They loved the location and the overall aesthetic of the home, but after having been a rental for many years - this home was in need of some tough love.

The modest-sized first floor layout reflected the wants and needs of the 1930's family. Unfortunately for the 21st century family, the layout was awkward with small spaces that weren't being used to their best advantage. Our clients knew there was potential to better use the space, they just didn't know where to begin.  

Aside from the obvious aesthetic updates (note pink and black tile throughout the kitchen), our clients wanted a two-cook kitchen where they could engage with family and friends while having a better connection to the adjoining living area and outdoor spaces.

In addition, after years of renting, the home was in need of some major repairs and system updates - adding air conditioning was a primary need.

The Team

LEAD DESIGN:  Melissa Filter

PROJECT MANAGER:  Meadowlark Project Managment Team



Schematic Design

Aside from the obvious cosmetic updates needed, the existing kitchen/dining area was crammed into a small back corner of the home. A "sitting area" was located between the main living area and the kitchen. Since it was an area that you needed to pass through to get from the living room to the kitchen, it was difficult to place furniture in the room.  

The home also had steam radiator heat only - no air conditioning and was poorly insulated. A major renovation was the perfect opportunity to install AC and update the insulation.

The clients to-do list included:

  • Update all finishes, keeping true to the original architectural aesthetic of the home
  • Remove drop and plaster ceilings and replace with drywall
  • Install a high-velocity air conditioning system
  • Enlarge kitchen and add a kitchen island with seating
  • Enlarge opening from living area to kitchen for a more open-concept feel
  • Add new attic  and exterior wall insulation to improve energy efficiency and comfort
  • Repair and update plumbing and electrical to current standards
  • Update first floor powder room
  • Remove lower portion of window in sunroom for more privacy

Design Development

Our designers looked at the overall space utilization in the kitchen/dining/sitting areas and knew that there was a better way configure the space to meet the clients goals. 

Since the sitting room area was not functioning for our clients in any capacity, extending the kitchen into this space made the most sense.  

Enlarging the opening into the living room with a curved archway paid homage to the architectural aesthetic and brought more daylight into the living room space.

The powder room, originally placed between the dining/kitchen area and the sitting room, was relocated and tucked under the stairs off the living room.

Design details include:

  • Dark wood accent cabinetry that matches the original woodwork and doors balances the off-white cabinetry in the kitchen
  • Marvin replacement windows with black cladding match perfectly to the existing windows
  • Queen Havana Esagona hexagonal tile adds warmth to the kitchen floor but stays true to the original aesthetic of the home
  • Black and white finishes in the powder room are age-appropriate for the home and look like they are original
  • Doors and trim were re-used in new locations to maintain continuity
  • A new sliding French door was installed to allow easy access to the back yard and to allow more light into the dining room
  • A floor to ceiling pantry and a custom bar area in the dining room maximize every square foot for storage opportunities

The Results

Without adding any square footage, this first floor space has been reconfigured to almost double the size of the kitchen and dining room areas. Form meets function all packaged in a remodel that stays true to the Tudor-style architectural aesthetic of this charming Burns Park home.

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