Meadowlark TV

At our core we are here to make people’s lives better, one project at a time. Below are pieces of stories about our projects and about who we are as a company, which we hope will give you a glimpse inside Meadowlark and the work we perform. We hope you will find our videos fun to watch and informative.

Meadowlark’s Lead Designer, Melissa Kennedy talks design 101 while behind the scenes designing a project for Kristen Bell, the star of Disney’s hit movie Frozen.

Watch Meadowlark’s Lead Designer, Melissa Kennedy in a full episode of Houzz TV while she transforms a basement for Kristen Bell’s sister in her Detroit Metro home.

Watch to learn about what makes Meadowlark Design+Build the best custom builder and remodeler in Southeastern Michigan.

Watch our energy expert Rob Patterson explain the benefits of using spray foam insulation.

Watch Meadowlark’s CEO Doug Selby explain what a thermal envelop is and why we build our homes using this technique.

What is a Passive Solar House? Watch Meadowlark’s CEO Doug Selby explain the theory behind utilizing thermal mass in a home’s walls to save energy.

Meadowlardk’s CEO Doug Selby breaks down what a Passive Solar House is on Damian On Design’s radio show.