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    Client Stories

    Old West Side Sunroom Remodel

    Natural light in any home brings about an energetic, warm, and open feeling. To improve the...

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    Lower Level Love

    A home that is all too familiar with Meadowlark projects takes another leap; this time remodeling a...

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    Burns Park Beginnings

    Our clients approached Meadowlark with the intention of having us craft for them a new home; one...

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    Coming Home

    Our client came to us wanting to move back into her childhood home to take care of her aging...

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    A Laundry Room Fit For Man and Man's Best Friend

    The clients were looking for major changes in the utility and aesthetic of their tiny existing...

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    Witty and Whimsical

    Despite efforts to update their home through small remodeling projects with short-term goals in...

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