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Lower Level Love

A home that is all too familiar with Meadowlark projects takes another leap; this time remodeling a unique lower level that draws no comparisons. In an effort to make the space bigger and more functional, coupled with design elements that transform the look and feel of a lower level, our clients drew inspiration from all over the world.


With ample unused space throughout this lower level, the clients took every opportunity to bring this basement to its full potential. Nestled in the back of the space is a new spare bedroom, adjacent from a detached full bath that was previously remodeled by Meadowlark some time before. At the center of it all is a custom built media center, bringing a focal point to the space with a tv, custom oak speakers and several inlets for decor and storage. Just beyond is a large, custom kitchenette with a half moon cabinet curvature that mirrors the kitchen design on the main level. The vision for this space was to create the feeling of getting away to a new place, only to find that it's right beneath your feet.


The Team

Design & Architecture: Katie MacGillivray & Jimmy Bevilacqua

Project Manager: Meadowlark Project Management Team

Photography:  Sean Carter


Schematic Design

At a finished 1,500 sq. ft., this lower level had combined areas of differentiating needs to work as one. By adding a second spare bedroom, a full kitchenette, game space and media center, plus extra storage and a unique crafting space, this basement saw its core spaces revitalized and refreshed.

  • Matte Cambria Quartz kitchenette countertop
  • Updated fireplace with honed black moon soapstone hearth
  • Custom Meadowlark built-in floor-to-ceiling Bamboo paneling
  • Finished basement with egress windows, cork flooring, and FLOR creative rug design
  • Custom Meadowlark cabinets and media center
  • New Custom trim was matched to existing trim for continuity
  • Upgraded appliances in kitchenette

Design Development

By creating designated "areas" by function, this large open room took shape. Our designers wanted to keep the space open and airy - very "non-basementy" feeling and thus they created architectural and interior design features that would clearly delineate the spaces without creating walls.

The changes in the ceiling elevations could not be leveled due to the existing mechanicals located therein and so our designers decided to use the elevation changes as a back drop for a unique wooden slat design feature that clearly defined the media area and adds architectural interest.

The custom "floating" media center clearly adds the needed separation between the game room area and the TV watching area. A long custom-made, live-edge table helps to define the space between the media area and the kitchenette.

  • New paint throughout: Benjamin Moore, Atrium white eggshell coating
  • Egress window added to new spare bedroom
  • Various new carpeting throughout- with a custom tile carpet inset in the media area
  • Added storage door and room beneath stairs with custom Meadowlark shelving
  • Added crafting space with wrapping daylight windows
  • Upgraded spray foam insulation
  • Upgraded exterior lower level/upper level drainage system

The Results

What was once a mundane and misused lower level, has now received a makeover from the heart; with the heart of the space reaching nearly every corner. Our clients wanted a location that brought their family together and to host gatherings, all the while doing it in style, experiencing lower level living unlike ever before.

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