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For those who are unaware, it’s now been just over a month and a half since I relocated to Chicago. Moving to a new city and living in a new place brings excitement, hesitation, and new discoveries. However, I’ve found that beyond my work and exploring in my free time, I’ve noticed that where I live and my interior design choices needs desperate assistance. As they say… a new city, a new me!

I know that I’m not alone here when trying to discover that personal interior design style. Our aesthetic is a direct reflection of our own personal journey. The good news is that finding your personal style can be a celebration of your individuality–rather than an epic search for one defining style or genre.

Even though my tastes (and yours most likely) are always changing, there are easy ways to take stock of our ebbs and flows, and there are so many different interior design styles to identify with (refer to individuality above!). Here are 6 easy way to get the ball rolling on finding your personal style.

1. Look at your current furniture

Take inventory of the current furniture in your home to understand what lines and textiles you enjoy. Is your couch a traditional piece you’d find in formal living room, or is it more modern with sharper features? Is your sectional covered in a mahogany leather (if you model your interior design after Ron Burgundy), or is it upholstered nicely? This may seem tedious, but the more you pay attention to these features, you can discover hidden styles right before your very eyes.

2. Curate items you cherish

Finding your true personal style is more about curating than decorating. Take note of the object(s) you cherish in your home. Do they remind you of meaningful events? Do they evoke a certain mood? Take some time to reflect why these objects are important to you.

3. Peek inside your closet

Believe it or not, our wardrobes can reflect our interior design tastes (you don’t say, Hans!). Do you stick to neutrals, or do you wear bold, bright colors? Is being cozy a big priority for you, or do you sacrifice comfort to rock a sharp suit and tie look? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? What feels comfortable to you? Look at the colors, patterns, textures, etc. in your closet to get a better idea of your personal taste.

4. Stockpile your interests

Think about your passions and hobbies to help narrow down your personal tastes. Are you an avid sports fan? Do you have pets? Are you a gourmet chef? Introspection is crucial in the design process to ensure your space feels like home and is aligned with your priorities and passions.

5. Consider your home’s location

Your home’s location is a part of its design narrative. Do you live in a vintage beauty, or in a modern high-rise? What’s the history behind your space? While your home’s architectural style doesn’t need to dictate your interior design, it can influence both your lifestyle and aesthetic.

6. Most importantly, think about how you want to feel in your home

Thoughtful design can help us architect our moods and support our goals. When defining your style, it’s helpful to consider the emotions you want your home to evoke. Do you want to feel peaceful, inspired, or energized? Is your home a zen retreat or a lively party house? Our homes can influence the way we feel, so it’s important to be intentional about our design choices.

Using these steps has helped me shape my personal design style now living in a new city. It takes some time, but then again, some of you may have found this style already — in which I thank you for reading this far!

Stay curious!

By Hans Brieden