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Drop Zone Area in Kitchen Remodel

We’ve all been spending a bit more time at home these days. Are you noticing little quirks about your kitchen you don’t exactly love? Not enough counter space to handle …

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Kitchen Electronics in a drawer, docking drawer

If you’re planning to build a custom home, you have a lot to think about. Are the details keeping you up at night? Worried that you might forget something important? …

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How to Discover Your Personal Style in 6 Easy Steps

For those who are unaware, it’s now been just over a month and a half since I relocated to Chicago. Moving to a new city and living in a new …

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What’s Up with Stairs?

Stairs . . . they’re both the bane of and the reason for a designer’s existence. Almost every project we work on has at least one set of them. Staircases …

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Reclaimed Spaces

A DIY (sort of) In 2009, I moved to Ann Arbor with my wife and daughter (with a son on the way). We fell in love with the charm of …

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Free Your Mind and Think

Think Outside of “The Jones” Box Ready to build a new home or remodel? Approaching a new home or remodel project with the willingness to explore different ideas and to …

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