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Drop Zone Area in Kitchen Remodel

We’ve all been spending a bit more time at home these days. Are you noticing little quirks about your kitchen you don’t exactly love? Not enough counter space to handle …

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Home Unplugged – Homes (and Clients) We Love Talking About!

Tucked away on a private wooded lot on a hillside, this Meadowlark custom home – simply named “Unplugged” – was designed and built to take advantage of the serenity of …

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This home has earned the nickname “Green Country Ranch.” Depending on your particular inclinations, you can see it as a ranch house that is resource efficient, a country ranch that …

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George Jetson Could Live Here

Okay…so it’s not high up on a very tall pedestal with flying cars all around, but this home has technology in it that would make George Jetson proud! This seemingly …

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