Exterior Facelift

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Drop Zone Area in Kitchen Remodel

We’ve all been spending a bit more time at home these days. Are you noticing little quirks about your kitchen you don’t exactly love? Not enough counter space to handle …

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Detail of original victorian sunburst detail

Exterior Transformations We Love Part Four – Uncovering a Treasure By Susan Christian I also love to call this our “making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” project …

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A major update to the exterior of this contemporary home improves curb appeal

Exterior Facelifts We Love – Chapter 2 Some call it an update to the curb appeal, others call it an exterior facelift and then there are times when all you …

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This photo shows the results of Meadowlark's Exterior Facelift and Addition

Exterior Facelifts We Love – Chapter 1 Our designers are well-known for their out-of-the-box thinking to create amazing transformations for our remodeling projects – so many beautiful and inspiring stories …

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this photo shows a home that Meadowlark did an exterior facelift on

Recently, we have had quite a few inquiries for our design team to add curb appeal to the exteriors of homes. I am always amazed at what our design team …

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