The Nautilus House

Deep-green LEED Platinum modern home remodel

Smaller, well-organized homes can be intimate and friendly while keeping resource use to a minimum.

The Nautilus House deep green remodel

The Project

The Nautilus House sprung from a need to fix a leaky roof and a vision for energy and water independence on a beautiful wooded building site. Like a nautilus, it unfolds in an organic shape spiraling upward and outward on the original foundation, with existing materials and spaces re-inventing themselves within and around the structure.

Meadowlark Builders, Architectural Resource and the homeowner worked together to create a unique vision of home that was Michigan’s second LEED® Platinum residential remodel.


Whole-home, deep-green remodel. This home was awarded Michigan’s second LEED Platinum Residential Remodel certification.

Lead Designer

Architectural Resource

The Nautilus House deep green remodel
The Nautilus House deep green remodel


Item Material
Water Use Water conservation and re-use were one of the main goals of this project – the home is designed to collect and store water on site. The 1000-gallon corgal tank becomes part of the architecture of the home. The standing seam metal roof delivers clean water to rain-saving catchment containers. The front half of the roof structure sends its harvest to a sand-filtered water storage tank in the front, while the rear half goes to rain barrels for use in irrigation of landscaping. Ultra low-flow water fixtures and dual-flush toilets are used through the home.
Insulation Advanced framing techniques, Structural Insulate Panels (SIPs) for the roof system, spray foam for insulation of existing framed exterior walls
Other Earthlinked Technologies geothermal system. 4KW solar system provides the home’s non-heating electricity requirements. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) condition the home’s air and HEPA filters further optimize the interior air quality.