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Mattie Rife

    Production Assistant


    Mattie grew up in Clinton Township, MI and has been living in Ann Arbor for a number of years. Her background is in Athletic Training and she has a pretty long list of achievements:

    • BS in Athletic Training from Lake Superior State University in the UP. 
    • MS in Advanced Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University in PA.
    • Graduate Assistantship at Mansfield University in northwest PA
    • Athletic Training Fellowship in Sport Medicine from University of Michigan

    While her background is in Athletic Training, she decided to transition to a different field of work and is passionate about sustainable design and construction. 

    Her mother is an interior designer at her own interior design studio so Mattie has been around design + construction since she was little. 

    Mattie enjoys gardening and has her own 9-bed vegetable garden where she grows ground cherries, tomatoes, spinach, kale, arugula and herbs along with other vegetables. She also has own native plant garden and is part of the A2 Pollinator Network. She plays basketball and does yoga as hobbies but enjoys exercise in general.  

    If she could have a super power, she would have the ability to make junk food healthy! 

    She has traveled quite extensively and her favorite trip was to New Zealand's North Island. She also thought Taiwan was pretty cool.

    She couldn't decide on a favorite food but loves pizza especially from Buddy's. However,  she prefers Buddy's DETROIT and it cannot be from Ann Arbor -- it's just not the same :) 

    Do you have a home building or remodeling project you're thinking about?

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