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Josani Lara

    Encore + Warranty Coordinator


    Josani Lara is Meadowlark's Warranty Coordinator.

    He is from Grand Rapids but lived in the Ann Arbor area while getting his business degree at Eastern Michigan University. 

    He says he's always been around construction and has had an interest in it. His step-father did a variety of remodeling jobs so he often was along on those to help out. He's happy to be at Meadowlark and prefers the job to what he was doing previously at BOOST Mobile where he was an Operations Specialist working on product signage projects. He also used to work at Trader Joe's. 

    If he could have a 'super power' he'd love to be able to manipulate water. When asking what he meant by that, he said he'd love to be able to part the sea when trying to find glasses or something lost. 

    He enjoys cooking and his favorite meal to make is chicken fajitas. He also likes to spend time outdoors -- running/biking/kayaking -- and has a dog named Sealy, who is an American Dingo, and also has two turtles named Atlas and Squirtle.

    Random FUN fact: he shares the same birthday as Harry Potter - July 31st - and isn't quite sure which Hogwarts House he'd be in but was pretty sure it wouldn't be Slytherin.  Which Harry Potter House would you be in? Take a quiz and find out here




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