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Emily Morgan-Kurth


    Emily Morgan-Kurth, Meadowlark designer

    Meet Emily Mogan-Kurth, a Designer at Meadowlark. With a passion for architecture and a love for all things remodeling, Emily brings a fresh perspective to our crew. Let's dive into her world and discover some fun tidbits about her. 

    Emily is a proud mom to a young child and a Corgi named Chewbacca. She has her hands full with a tiny human and an adorable furball. 

    Emily embarked on her architectural journey at Lawrence Tech, where she earned her undergraduate degree and Masters in Architecture. Little did she know, this journey would not only lead her to a fulfilling career but also to meeting her better half – her husband. Talk about a successful education!

    Before joining us at Meadowlark, Emily honed her skills at Young + Young in West Bloomfield. Rubbing elbows with the best in the business, she developed her expertise as an Architectural Designer for high-end residential projects. She knows all the ins and outs of creating spaces that make jaws drop.

    If Emily could choose a superpower, she would have the ability to see a timeline of anything. Imagine gazing upon an object or a structure and seeing its entire history unfold before your eyes. From the construction of the Pyramids of Egypt to the brainstorming sessions and the genius minds behind them, Emily's superpower would be like having a backstage pass to mankind's greatest creations. 

    When she's not busy working, Emily indulges in a few hobbies. She's a tech-savvy wizard who loves building computers and don't even get her started on her PC gaming addiction. Final Fantasy 14 reigns supreme in her gaming world, transporting her to fantastical realms filled with epic quests and unforgettable adventures. And when she's ready to take a break from the virtual world, you can find her with her nose buried in a good book or rocking out to her favorite band, Metallica. We can always count on Emily to bring some head-banging energy to the office.

    In addition to her eclectic interests, Emily has some distinct culinary preferences. She has an unapologetic love for pineapples, perhaps even on her pizza. We won't judge! And when it comes to tea, her go-to choice is Jasmine.

    Emily finds inspiration in the works of Angela Danadjeva and Don Paul Young, two brilliant designers who have left their mark on the architectural world. She also enjoys scrolling through Instagram and following accounts like LuxeRevive to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and jaw-dropping transformations. After all, a remodeling expert like Emily must keep her finger on the pulse of everything stylish and innovative.

    With her creative mind, passion for architecture, and knack for bringing spaces to life, Emily is a valuable asset to our remodeling team. She's a talented architect and a friendly face who can make you laugh with her witty banter and infectious humor. We're thrilled to have her on board, and we can't wait for her to work her magic on your remodeling projects.

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