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Caiti Wanamaker



    Meet Caiti, Meadowlark’s talented interior designer and cabinetry specialist. From a young age, Caiti knew her passion was in interior design and graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in interior design in 2012.

    She discovered her knack for kitchen and bath design in prior roles at other companies in the greater Ann Arbor and Detroit areas but found her calling in cabinetry design, which is where she continues to shine at Meadowlark.

    If Caiti could have any superpower, it would definitely be time travel! She'd love to be able to go backward + forward in time. 

    When she's not busy creating stunning interiors, Caiti loves immersing herself in the world of movies. Her all-time favorite flick is the quirky and hilarious "Drop Dead Fred."

    Her favorite cocktail is the French 75, a refreshing mix of gin, champagne, lemon, and simple syrup. It's the perfect drink to toast to a successful design project!

    When she's not designing, Caiti channels her creativity into crafts. She loves experimenting with her Cricket machine and also enjoys creating beautiful wreaths. If that's not enough, she also enjoys painting and letting her imagination run wild on a canvas.

    When it comes to music, Caiti is a proud Hansen groupie, having seen them in concert a staggering 11 times! Their music (and perhaps a specific brother – don’t mind which one!) never fails to put a smile on her face. She's also a fan of Greta VanFleet and can't resist the catchy tunes of The Chicks.

    Caiti loves Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. Her go-to favorites a savory lentil soup or some tantalizing tacos Al Pastor. 

    When seeking design inspiration or simply wanting to swoon over beautiful spaces, Caiti turns to Instagram. House of Hipsters is one of her favorite accounts for its stylish and eclectic interior design ideas. She also admires the work of design experts like Jerimiah Brent and Nate Berkus who constantly inspire her with their creativity.

    With her bubbly personality and infectious enthusiasm, Caiti makes the design process an enjoyable and collaborative experience. She believes that creating a space you truly love is all about capturing your unique personality and making it shine. She's a firm believer in mixing old and new, creating spaces that tell a story and reflect her clients' personalities. Clients appreciate her ability to think outside the box and create stylish and functional spaces.

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